How I Use Essential Oils (Family Physician Kit)

IMG_3849I created this document to help friends & family learn how to use some of the most popular essential oils that doTerra sells. Please note this is my personal experience with the oils and is not to be considered medical advice or anything of the sort.

The Family Physician Kit is a collection of the top 10 most popular & most used oils. However, if you are on a mega-strict budget and can’t afford the kit (around $150, well worth it) I recommend these three oils as “must haves” —

1. Lemon

2. Lavender

3. Peppermint

Ideas for Using the Oils in Your Family Physician Kit:

Note:  To stretch your oils further, add a few drops to a little bit of olive oil, coconut oil, or grapeseed oil to make a “rub.” We call this using a carrier oil. It is a great way to conserve your oils and make them last longer. Save these mixtures and blends you create in glass bottles for best results. (Oils do not last as long in plastic and may leach chemicals out of the plastic – always use glass if you can.)

These are just a FEW uses I have tried personally. For more ideas, go to  (You can order a great resource book at this website called Modern Essentials if you want to learn more or go deeper with your oil use.)

Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil)

This oil is great for skin issues. Use it on burns, scrapes, skin tags. Use it on acne, scrapes, and cuts. Good for fighting cold sores, boils, wounds.

For sore throats, add 1 drop Melaleuca to 8 oz of warm water. Gargle and drink .

Add to shampoo & conditioner for healthy looking hair.

Use topically on blemishes.

Peppermint Oil:

Simply smell (inhale) the Peppermint oil fragrance for alertness or to help with a headache.

Place a few drops on your temples & forehead & neck for a headache. ***WORKS INSTANTLY! At least for me! :) ***

Peppermint oil is also good for allergies, cooling/sunburn, indigestion, nausea, and sinus problems.

Make a rub with a carrier oil and put it on your abdomen for women’s cramps & monthly discomfort issues.

Add to a water bottle and mist to refresh yourself when overheated, in the sun, etc.

Mix with lemon oil in 2-3 oz of water to create a refreshing mouth rinse.

Lemon Oil:

Lemon oil is probably the most versatile oil in the kit. Hundreds of uses (and it is cheap too…which makes it even more “easy” to use!)

Add 1-2 drops to your water for flavoring & health benefits.  Use lemon oil in your cooking.

Smell/inhale aromatically for anxiety, to lift your mood, depression, to calm yourself. Great in stressful situations – Apply a drop behind the ear.

Also good to add to homemade cleaning products for scent and is a natural disinfectant and grease-cutter.

Use lemon for heartburn and stress issues.

Apply to the soles of your feet nightly for allergy prevention.

Apply directly over the heart (rub in 1 drop) each night for high blood pressure issues.

Add a drop to tsp. of honey to soothe the throat.

Lavender Oil:

While lavender has a strong scent, it is good for allergy relief. Apply to soles of your feet if you are sensitive to the smell.

Calming & relaxing & sleep inducing – apply a drop behind the ear before bedtime.

Good for allergies, boils, burns (sunburn especially!), itching, pain, slepplessness.

Apply instantly to bug bites, bee stings, etc.

Good for dry & chapped lips.

Put a 2-3 drops in a hot bath for calming effect.

Put a drop on your pillow for relaxation & sleep.

Add 10 drops of lavender oil to a spray bottle of distilled water (or you can use coconut oil). Spray on burns & sunburn for instant relief.

Apply a mixture of 5 drops lavender to a carrier oil of your choice and apply to your wrinkles daily/nightly.

Oregano Oil:

This oil is VERY potent. Use with caution (some people find it burns if applied directly without a carrier oil. Everyone is different)

Good for: Muscle aches, MRSA, Parasites, Candida (Yeast), Warts

It is a natural antifungal.  Apply to any suspected fungal infections (toes, etc)

When you feel a sickness like a cold or flu coming on, apply oregano oil w/ a carrier oil to the soles of your feet several times a day. It will often fight off the sickness before you become very ill.

Gargle 1 drop of oregano oil in 4 oz warm water for mouth sores. Swallow for sore throat (caution – very spicy flavor, be warned!)

Digest-Zen Blend:

This blend is great for digestive issues. Rub a drop on your sternum nightly for chronic reflux sufferers (heartburn).  Use immediately when you recognize signs of heartburn or gastric discomfort or after a heavy meal.

Apply directly to your stomach when you are having gastro pains or belly aches, or any digestive discomfort.

Can be put in a capsule and taken orally for severe digestion issues.

Good for cramps gastritis, nausea, parasites, even sinus issues.

Apply to bottom of feet of children with digestive issues. Use as a daily regimen.

Breathe Blend:

Best respiratory blend!

Use it nightly on asthma sufferers – behind the ear or on soles  of feet.

Good for congestion, cough, flu, pneumonia, sinuses.

Breathe in (smell) for aromatic relief – to open up sinuses. Or apply to skin. When I was very sick I put a drop under my nose and it helped tremendously with congestion.

Diffuse into air for congestion, etc. (You can buy aromatic diffusers from doTerra & other places – be cautious before adding this to your humidifiers, it may clog up older ones)

Deep Blue Blend:

For joint pain and muscle issues.  Rub into painful and sore joints and muscles. Rub the oil directly into really stubborn joints/muscles – but for most uses make a blend using a carrier oil.

Use for arthritis, back pain, inflammation, joint pain, tension, and muscle stress. Good for after exercise.

(This oil reminds me of Ben Gay or Icy Hot – but is all natural. Use it with a carrier oil to make your own version of those old fashioned rubs.)

On Guard Blend (doTerra’s version of Thieves Oil):

A great blend that wards off sickness and disease.

Good for diffusing into the air because of antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties.

Add one drop to soles of your feet nightly to keep you healthy, fight germs & disease.

Good disinfectant – add to homemade cleaning products.

Add this oil to any regimen you use for chronic disease such as allergies, asthma, etc.

Dilute with water and gargle daily for mouth rinse.

Dilute in water in spray bottle and use to clean light switches, door knobs, “community surfaces” that get germy.

Diffuse in your bathroom & kitchen for germs.

****Again, this is not meant to be taken as medical advice. I am not a professional. Just a mom with common sense who tries to avoid the doctor when I can. I have seen these oils really work in my family.****

If you are interested in ordering or trying an oil, click here.

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